Friday, May 26, 2006

Lil Orphan Annie ~ Pt. 2

Well gang....It looks like Annie will be going to the vet sooner rather than later. One of the HG's caught her in their yard yesterday looking at the parrots in the outdoor bird's room. No..she couldn't have gotten in due to the wooden lattice that covers the walls..but she almost got cornered by Gumbo and Quinten, 2 of the 4 Shi Tzu's that the NG's have. If they had cornered her, they might have killed her and I can't say anything about that . It's instinct and their yard. NG returned her home and I hope she was sufficently scared by the dogs to think twice.

But...dear Gawd..the vet bill ! If you add up the exam, shots, flea dip, neutering, declawing and medical waste fee ( used syringes)'s close to $600.00 . Yup.....I added it up . SU went to Petsmart yesterday on the way home , ( Moi was home with a Migraine ~ SIL >>I know where of you speak ) and got the run down. SU was going to dsave up the funds to cover the fees...but neither of us realized the higher costs. The trips were done I guess about 6 years ago and they weren't that much . So Mommy will schedule her and then take a day or 2 off while she recooperates and I begin the " Why can't we all get along ?"

Yeah...I've gotten to spend a bit of time with the minx, and she is a cutie . I just don't like to be forced into anything, a tribal trait ~ LOL . She's gonna be a sofa surfer tho which will make her Daddy happy since losing Jakey J . Munchkin and the trips are not the type to lie down and watch t.v. with their Daddy. They will walk across the top of the sofa but that's about it.

Damn.....I hate taking money out of savings....but I'd hate to lose her and then deal with what that might or might not do to our relationship with the NG's . They are the kind of neighbors you want to hang on to friendship ~ wise.

Oh well.......

All y'all have a safe and wonderful Holiday weekend.


Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

ow ow ow. but having a dog with various medical conditions... I know how those bills add up. Last time, the pills the vet gave her made her so sick, she had to be hospitalized... and we had to pay for that..... makes me ill.

migraine today... spent 3 hours trying to get home (all the morons going up to da cabin)