Thursday, April 27, 2006

Day 15

Let's see.......Chant kids...chant.....The interview with the client who has an orthotics bidness went very well, SU said it lasted over an hr. I guess that's good. He really, really, really wants this one. He should hear today..the way this is going ...if they hire SU..he would work there for a few days , paid, to see how he would fit in. SU can fit in any chant....chant...chant some more. He has really been applying his tush off...anywhere that will take him.

GRRRR Dept: Evil former boss is claiming SU quit , thus denying unemployment..I expected as much. This is typical of EFB..because he is never wrong. Oddly enough, the day SU was fired he told both of the ladies he works with " G'nite...see you tomorrow "



liberal army wife said...

well. as for evil boss... demand a hearing..

as for the new job... whooo hoo!

Boschka said...

I don't think that we will demand a hearing....first of All...EB is not worth the energy....It really threw SU back to realize that EB had done that. Secondly...SU calculated that because he worked 24 hr's the week of the termination,. what we are actually fighting over here is mebbe 100 dollars...Thirdly...not smart to take time off when starting a new job...he's been thru enuf as it's truely not worth it.