Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's A Great Life If You Don't Weaken

The title was one of my father's favorite sayings . I never, ever knew until now how true that was .

In a nutshell , SU was fired last week . We have known the job was going the way of the fan for quite some time now, but when it is this abrupt....well...all y'all can imagine . Thus far he's had three interviews , none of which have panned out . It happens . Personally, job interviews are to me like dating....at first if you have been " off the market " so to speak, it is harder than hell. You are rusty. But then it hopefully gets easier. I have called various people, called in favors and markers, just for information about potential openings.

Yes, he has signed up for unemployment....a whopping gross of $252.00 a week. Better than when he was an independent contractor and not entitled to it at all. One of the biggest problems is that SU does not have what one might consider " traditional " job skills . He is bright...sh*t..he is one of the smartesst men I have ever known . Honest, self-affacing, loyal,,,in another life he'd be a Beagle . So we are going to plug away, cut back , be frugal...the whole deal . We are luckier than some in our boat, we have a smidge of savings.....so there is that.

The sad part is that I am watching a 56 year old man who stood up to a tyrant...oh F that...his boss was a beligerent drunk...anyhoo.....SU stood up for a moral point and is paying the price. I will never, ever second guess him on this....we all have lines in the sand so to speak....and his was crossed..

Keep good thoughts for us...it does help

Aunty Pol

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