Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Price Of Standing Up

Previously , I had used this blog as a rather humorous rant for the absurdities of life. Now I find it may have an even bigger value to me as the one place that I can vent about the current situation that SU and I find ourselves in . IF this is not your cup of tea, that's fine too...there are plenty of blogs out hard feelings...take care .

It has been a week now since SU has stood firm and up against his tyrant of a boss . SU always said that there was the proverbial line in the sand and when it was crossed....boom . I know a lot of people say things like that , they sound righteous and moral and blah blah. Putting it into practice is harder . Much , much harder. It's hard not to panic . It's hard to be the strong one here and panic on the sly. It's hard to be cheerful at the office, but that is exactly what I have to do right now. I owe my employer a certain amount of professionalism....they are not to blame here. betcha . But, I find if I think of it as helps me get through my day . Swallowing your pride is never easy . Neither is asking for help , even from casual acquaintances . Part of the overall problem is that SU is what they used to call " A jack of all trades, Master of None . " He's handy with tools, can figure out almost anything, knows this city as few others do...and he is 56. He will take anything that will give him a paycheck . Unemployment is aprox $ 252.00 per week, and you bet he signed up. Going on a job interview after 20 some odd years is rather like dating. If you have been off the market for a while, you are rusty . His spirit is somewhat crushed, but he is plugging away...finding a job is a full time job. He's even begun to second guess his actions, and I won 't have it . It takes courage to stick to your guns .

I am doing all I can to help....hell, I have asked for help from the office, and us veterans here know what this is like. They are kind enough to spare me the platitudes of doors opening and closing.....I don't have time for it .

Sigh...we plod along .

Take care...

Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

It just really sucks.. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this.