Saturday, April 22, 2006

Day 10

SU is off at the big golf tourney with Jerk Face brother and the Moron. JF is in 7'th heaven as there is free beer at the venders sponsor tent....SU is happy there is also free food.

This whole experience has been a true learning curve.

One of the primary problems here at Casa de Swamp is that SU is afraid that I am going to compare him to the first husband.

Oh Hell No

The first had no drive, no gumption. The world owed his sorry ass . In honesty and hindsight...He was the first marriage and probably only offer I was gonna get. I had NO job skills, no family support , so I took the only exit ramp off the freeway. And Carl said he loved me. This may seem silly...but I believed all his bullshit. I was 19 . I wanted to be married and a mom. I wanted to be protected and cared for. My parents didn't believe that I needed an education or some form of job skill. Their money was tight and I had two brothers, younger than me who needed more because at some point , they would have wives to support and children and blah blah. This is called the Engwall work ethic. Do I resent this ? Do you know me ?

Me being me, I said F U . I married the wrong my education. Grew up. Buried children. Got Divorced . Got a life. Met a friend ....who I could be honest with. At 2 a.m.

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