Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lil Orphan Annie Chapter 5 and Whatever

Well kids .... it's like this. We really tried with Annie. She was not mean 't to be an indoor kitty. Period . Much to my lamentations, she was never box trained at all..which for you puppy parental units means ..." She ain' t house broken . It was quickly apparent to me that she was pure D terrified . If an animal can be claustrophobic...that's Annie. The minute we put her back on the patio...she perked up . The Queen of Sheeba is a happy gurl . We are still gonna get her neutered . Her Daddy has made her a collar for her Rabies tag...he so proud of it ...LMAO . Annie was terrified of being indoors..she basically shut down as did the other fearless four. Mom's not having it.


Today I am feeling more than overwhelmed.

Happy Birthday David and Elizabeth . Today you would have both been 31. I old or what ?


Other than that Casa de Swamp is messy..I really need to get my shit together..whatever..We work 40 plus hrs a week..If you don't like the mess ...Get Over It . Nuff Said .


Have what ever kind of day you want....really...go ahead.

Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

messy... oh yeah. I'm there. basement not quite done, carpenter cutting wood in the house... drywall dust everywhere, long haired cat shedding as well as long haired dog.... dust buffalos!

sorry bout annie. but sometimes they need to be outside.