Friday, June 09, 2006

It's Friday.....Thank You Jeebus ! is better than yesterday...marginally but I will take what I can get. As I said in the last blog , I was feeling pretty overwhelmed yesterday. On a side note...of something can be done...or overdone....take overwhelmed......what would whelmed mean ? Think about it....sadly yes, this is the way Aunty Pol's itty bitty brain works.

Anyhoo....and it's hotter than Satan's underoo's . Been this way all week. There is some form of a high pressure cell ( and my sinus's thank you.....NOT) sitting over the top of us the Ozone effect is pretty OMG bad. I mean come's only June 8'th and its 97 f***ing degrees out there ? Yes..this is keeping whatever is in the tropics from us and that's good because most people are still freaked out about last year. SU is profoundly grateful that he is no longer a road warrior....and yet he will go and play golf in this krep. Time to hit Kroger again and stock up on gatorade and bananas . SU gets truely awful leg cramps when it gets like this as he really sweats a helluva lot of potassium . Sigh.....gonna be a long summer .


I always read the conflict report at the office..I am weird that way. Third item down.....lets just say I hope that the work was a one shot deal...because I KNOW this client....nuff said here. Let's just say SU is happier . Deadbeat clients..what a world....what a world .

I am soooo glad to have a few days off next week. Of course I will be doing stuff at actually clearing up some of the clutter that has just been working my last nerve . SU and I are not slobs ...not by any stretch of the imagination...but we both work about long days. We leave the house at 7 a.m. and get home about 7 p.m. Thats if we don't have to make any stops on the way. So the mail and krep gets dumped on the pass thru or the dining room table. And I am going to HAVE to start doing laundry during the week. Which I hate . But SU has to take a shower when he gets me..when he is grinding metal or working with the chrome's hit the rain room stinky boy. But..this has doubled the laundry . Again...sigh. And there is a pile of shoes under my dressing table...mine. And the den....

Dear GOD in Heaven...what's it gonna take to clear that up...a 6 pack, a blow torch and a back hoe ?

A lot of it is mine.....but....I swear I am at the point of telling him...that's it.

Why do we have boxes from cell phones that crapped out 3 phones ago ?

I'm leaning toward the backhoe and blowtorch.


Have a great weekend...

Aunty Pol

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