Saturday, June 10, 2006

Pets, Vets and Cha Ching $$$$$$

Well the weekend thus far has been busy as the title implies.

Munchkin went to the vet this morning. She's been sneezing and sounded a bit congested so off she went. She has allergies. I was fearful of kennel cough and what that could mean as I know that congestion can lead to a variety of kidney related problems so I am relieved that over all she is fine...except that she has a bad tooth . We can't schedule that surgery for a cpl of weeks as she had her rabies booster today but that's on the list. She also got a pawdicure on the back tootsies so she is a happy gurl. I have tried to clip nails on my own and really have no need for a new set of scars .

Annie has her vanity tag now so if she ever wanders off the rez....Annie has discovered the sheer delight of tormenting the pups next door. Here mere presence sets off the bark a thon but I think that when every one gets used to each other it will calm down.

SU discovered the cluster F**k that happens when you go to Wally World for an oil change. The usual joint's credit card machine was kaoput so he opted for WW.

Huge mistake...take a good're gonna be a while .

The rest of the day is nail appt for Moi....JC Penny's for a skivvie run and errands.

Ain't it a glam life Aunty Pol has ?

Have a great weekend..

Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

these animules are expensive as hell! I need to get JJ's nails trimmed, and after his little escapade, he's getting chipped, so is Lexi. ow ow.

Glad to hear kitten is well, that it's just allergies. I get Lexi vaccinated for kennel cough, since she is there often! JJ doesn't go anywhere, so I save that money.