Thursday, March 14, 2013

Progress Is Being Made, and I'm Hanging On To It

The top photo is the blurry streak of Gracie Marie racing down the hallway . I don't know what they all make of the wood floors yet, the kittehs are content to maintain their freaked out status over the strange noises , men and the fact that someone had the gall to really move their f'g cheese .Loki and Boschka are Olympic class hiders and Gracie Marie is content to go to the girls house and just crash out in the garage or saunter inside as is her custom.

The second photo is the new linen closet !


The closet is in the long hallway and used to house the water heater. It is now in the garage and this space will be finished out and shelves will be installed.

I have waited 24 years for a linen closet . I know it may not seem like a great thing to some, and the houses that I grew up in always had one. Why the hell the builder put the water heater inside the house is something that I will personally never comprehend , but I guess in the early 1970's in Texas that is what they did. Now since the Gulf Coast is at or below sea level , neither do we have basements....bummer. A lot of the new builds have the water heater in the attics which is equally as insane to me as positioning it inside the house..hint......GARAGE people ....GARAGE . Now , I won 't have to go out into the garage to get extra toilet paper or paper towels from the top of the freezer and I will have a place other than the captains drawers under the waterbed to store sheets.

It's the little things y' really is .

The guest room is partially done with the floors as is part of the master bedroom. We have yet to tackle the den because we can't get around the Jenga ( boxes o wood floor ) and the granite counter top has been ordered for the new master bath vanity which is boxed in the garage.

So..the house is a wreck and dusty as a seitch ( for the non Dune fan, think Sahara desert )...

It will get worse before it gets better as my father used to say.

Aunty Pol

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sunflowerch said...

Nice! I envy you the linen closet and yes, I am one of those with the water heater in the attic and no plumbing in the garage so we could even do a fairly simple move!