Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another Sunday at Lowes

Odd as it may seem at this point, we /I /whatevs are in a good place. We are at the point where we have better communication with our contractors and we can actually envision the end of this Gaia forsaken process. yes, there will be lots of/oh shit/wtf moments but that is to be expected when you take on a renovation of this size.

We were/are insane to do this. I can't add up the number of both well meaning folks and complete ass hats that have told us that fact and I hate to say it but they are right.....and I won't be repeating that any time soon.

I admire beyond belief anyone who has built their house from slab up. I cannot imagine their angst and how they got through it.

Yes, we have had the most stoopy fights and 99% of them are my fault because I just freaked the f out. I need and demand order. I am a perfectionist and am hardest myself which makes me defensive so I lash out...and I know and rely on the fact that SU gets this and while he WILL get pissed, he knows that for the most part this is not my normal mode of behavior and he has/will understand and forgive me . We have wanted to do all of this for so long but had NO F'G idea how involved and slow and tedious and messy this was all gonna be.

I am my mothers daughter.

But on the up side, I can spot the right color for whatever 3 aisles over and zoom in , confident that it is right and sooner than later this will be over.

I have the bones of a linen closet and laundry got done. Pants for to the dry cleaner to be cleaned and or hemmed. I cleaned one flat surface in the kitchen .

I can't ask for more .

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

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