Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another Landmark Closes in H Town

Do you recognize this door ?
You had to know where it was to know where it was..

Guesses ?

Bueller ?
Bueller ?

It's Marfreless's and it's closing . You might not actually know the name but I bet if you are a certain age, you've heard of that hidden bar in River Oaks with the Sofas . I'd hazard a guess that many a child was a result of some of the deeper darker corners in that place. It was legendary for it's quality bar, exceptional mix of music..more tawdry than vulgar by today's standards, it was edgy and hip in the pre HIV days......or so  I've never saw me there and you can't prove it ....I have alibi's up the wazoos and work for .

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Aunty Pol

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