Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Look Ma - No Carpet !

SU had to take off yesterday in the quest to get the car fixed..fun for all let me tell you - NOT , and as I got in the car, he began to share about the mess at the house. I asked/told /demanded that he wait until we get home as I am pretty much overloaded with data right now so he did . As we rounded the corner , my jaw fell open...there in the front yard was a pile o carpet and pad..

Except for the den due to the worlds largest Jenga set also known as $$$$ worth  of re-engineered wood, and the upper part of the master bedroom where my closet and the waterbed is...all of the carpet is out of the house. The first thing I did was go and get my Croc flip flops off of the deck where I habitually leave them so that I could protect my feet. Yes, the guys swept up but we all know that stuff gets missed.

As I talked to Sistah , I realized that there is quite the echo about the place right now ..lol...and the kittys are freaked out because somebody really moved their cheese.

And the vanity was delivered yesterday !

Huzzah !

I'll keep you posted !

Aunty Pol

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