Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting Back To The Norrmal ~ Or What Ever The Hell Passes For It At The Casa !

Of  course it involves a new cake pan....like any one is surprised.

To sum up : The renovation is done..over...completed...history.
It's been an interesting adventure in freak outs ( mine naturally ) , lively discussions between the SU and myself..lol...now you have to admit that sounds a hell of a lot more mature than screaming matches , doesn't it  ?  We are both somewhat obsessed  with keeping the black granite counter tops wiped down, and I am sure that will eventually wear of as will the use of the squeegee in the master shower..don't ask , it's something my late father did and we are trying to be good ab out in order to avoid the mineral buildup from the hard water than we are blessed with down here in Tejas. .....or if you really know me and I know a few of you have dirty minds and you went there the minute  you saw the  word squeegee....quit it ! LMAO !


I got in touch with Mr. Trejo when I was home and arranged to have the yard cleaned up aka flower beds mulched etc and some of the landscape timbers replaced so I am really looking forward to being all pretty and tidy. Of course some of the climbing roses need to be tied off on the huge trellis that SU built and let's not talk about pruning this year..cause it didn't happen. Le Sigh. But on the bright side , the jasmine is blooming and I will figure out what to replace the Hydrangeas with..yup..they are coming out. I am NOT coming home and wasting water every damn day on things that aren't keeping their end of the bargain. It could be worse, Sistah says they need to replace  some shrubs and a tree or two that have been at the house for as long as I can remember because their winters have been extra harsh the last couple of years. And the God Grandbaby is crawling at NASCAR speed  so all is good.

And of course I have a new pan to play with..it's a bit of a challenge to find recipes that will work so I will have to play. Anyone who knows me , knows that I love a simple bundt pound cake and I make a most excellent one if I do say so in all modesty...but , even if I give half of it to the gals , it's more than likely to dry out before we finish it all so my solution is lil ones....babies as it were.

I 'll let you know..at the  worst it will turn out like the Hobbit Cupcake Episode. What the hell..it gave me something to write about .

Aunty Pol Living Large In A Pretty Cool Casa.

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