Monday, April 08, 2013

Gracie's Adventure

The above photo is not an actual one of Gracie Marie, but it does represent her attitude last night . Ever since we put the hard wood floors in , she has discovered that if she sits at one end of the hallway and yodels, the flooring amplifies the volume and she is quite happy showing off.

I am not kidding.

I was watching the latest Grimm that I recorded last night and hisself was on the computer with the headphones on ....and low and behold...the aria began . Rising in pitch and volume it was quite the show. Of course I hollered at her to shut it..being a loving mom and all...and after a bit I went to the WC. Hisself at this point has gotten up and come down the hallway to check into it as he can hear her over the headphones ( in all fairness , they are not Bose by any stretch of the imagination ) ...and discovers...

Low and behold....idiot child walked into the linen closet which has wood floors and a rather deep cubby hole at the bottom.....and she got herself shut in there .

Well no wonder she was hollering !

Idiot child..
I guess we will have to check it every so often of we know that she should be in the house and we can't find her fuzzy butt .

As Pop would say " That'll learn ya " .

The Bad Mama....who laughed her ass off .

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