Thursday, April 11, 2013

This Is Kind Of Really Cool !

Last year I created a facebook page about the cousins on my mothers side of the family because over the years while the 6 of them have remained in pretty close contact up in Meeenaaasooooota , we three were not so much due to Daddy's Naval career. After running into one cousin ( Hey Judy !) , I began to run into others so I created a page. It's been kind of cool to realize that while we don't keep up with the page on a daily basis , we are making an effort to avoid the dreaded gorgon of " Damn...we only see each other at funerals...pass the hotdish ."....Engwalls are like that you dontcha know ( Double damn , the voices in my head now have the accent ...$#%^&*( )
Anyhoo, wioth one thing and another , I saw on FB the above link on my cousins page..and I got curious. I've heard of Kickstarter of course and have funded some things previously so I slapped Mr. Linky as is my custom...


There's my cousins daughter , Miss Marinna and her cohorts.

What struck me about this is that while other young hopefuls have had the same goal, they are content to wait on luck , magic, fairy dust and unicorns to make their mark...while Marinna and this group have decided to make their own luck. They are using Kickstarter to raise seed money and it's really a small amount what the hell.

I have spent more on a mani/pedi and will most likely donate again .

Like I've said, SU and I have been helped when we needed it so yeah..

Check it's awkward to push this when there is family involved but as for me


Have a great Friday .


Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

Done! Hope the kids kickstart their careers, too. :-D