Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Thus Far............................

Get Cashiers check for IRS..check..


2012 was not completely awful on the tax return so I will get that crap off into certified mail tomorrow and lah de f'g dah ! All hail Turbo tax..hey what can I say..the tax code keeps your Aunty Pol gainfully employed.

On the home front :

The black granite counter tops and back splash are  installed in the kitchen and man, are they cool looking . The grout is in ...yes Moron , I am afraid that I am going to insist......and we will seal it ourselves this weekend. Don't get me wrong , I love the Moron and trust him with our house and we do understand his situation...it's just hard with 3 way communication at times...it will all be okay. I just need to be clear as the client as to what my expectations are .

Huzzah Dept : We now have TWO WORKING COMMODES  ! And the shower in the master is operational. Now if the granite counter top comes in , please Bast on the 11'th as promised , ..wait for it ...wait for it .....I MAY HAVE MINE OWN BATHROOM BACK THIS WEEKEND !!!!!

And the Angels will sing...

And finally we have the kitchen sink hooked up !
Throw a chiggin in the oven Daddy, we  gonna eat real food.!

Realistically, this is no better or worse than I have heard from anyone who has gone through it . Friends ( This would be you  Lady Lisa ) told me the truth on what to expect and while I did get stressed out and freaked out , it could have been a lot worse.

Think about it , in the last 8 weeks we have:
1.Put in wood floors with stained baseboards in the entire house save the 2 bathrooms and the kitchen.
2.Demo'd the guest bath including replacing 4 doors on a built in cabinet with new frames and stained doors ..... save the tub.
3. Moved the water heater the garage and created/finished a linen closet in the old water heater closet.
4. Repainted the entire interior save the kitchen  .......kitchen .to be done.
5. Replaced all existing interior doors  with new stained doors.
6 . Replaced all cabinet hardware, light switch covers and outlet covers.
7. Completely demo'd the master bath ...... except for the granite counter top to be done
8. Installed granite counter tops and back splash in the kitchen.

I know that there are probably couple small things that I have forgotten but all in all..we are close.


Aunty Pol

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