Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Master Bath Reveal ~ Tah Dah ~ !

Shazaam !

The top 2 photos are of the old wall taken down to the studs where the tile half wall is taken out and then the new wall with the paint is up.

The next two show where the old cabinet was and the removed half privacy wall was, followed by the new paint and visual of the new open counter top sans cabinet that used to be over the commode .

The last picture is of the opposite end of the vanity with all of my crap on it , lol and a shot of the mirror that shows the master bedroom area also in the dusty purple and smokey gray scheme.

I finally have my bathroom back.
You would not believe how happy we BOTH are not to be sharing a bathroom. I think in many ways this was the biggest challenge with the remodel in the amount of cost and labor .


The longest time constraint was the wait for the vanity top which was a custom order but once that was in it all came together ...well except for the fact that we had to have the lights over the vanity raised because we miss measured the space for the mirror..yup...the usual .

SU and I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning the master bedroom...and I do mean the better part of the day.Once all of the floors were properly hoovered and swiffered and the flat surfaces were dusted  and then dusted again , I realized that the only way to get the antiques cleaned was with Old English Oil ( which they sorely needed ) and q tips .

So we detailed out the heavily antique chest of drawers and dressing table.

The black Teak chest that I inherited which is deeply carved ( at least 1/8 inch deep ) will be an all day and then some since I know it hadn't been done in at least 10 years ( Daddy's been gone 9 years now ).

And I won't mind a bit.

Other than the kitchen to be painted and the stained baseboards..and then the punch list, I do believe we may be close to done.

I can't quite grasp that yet.

More reveals will follow. I really don't have any old photos unless I go back through the blog but I will ujpdate as I can.

Aunty Pol

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