Wednesday, April 03, 2013

SU's Having A Fit

I guess that we all have our lines in the sand and this remodelling project has been a lesson for both of us . My biggest bitch is stuff that I see that I know needs to be attended to when it comes time for the proverbial punch me ,I am the one that sees every damn thing..and up until the other night he was " It's okay honey, they will fix that ......and then it was about the master bath shower entry tile...and he went ballistic. Yes, we did go back and get the white tile SU wanted and by that I mean he trooped off to get it ....and I don't know what the problem is other than the box they guys bought wasn't the pure white we wanted...I was fine with the grey in it but it's one of those situations where you know to back off...and I did...They got the white tile up but it's a straight edge and not a bull's his thing....I am at the point of WTF..I just throw my hands up a lot, it will all be's just gotten old..and the kitchen being non usable..what a royal pain in the ass that has become.

Vent over....anyone spare a Valium ?

Aunty Pol

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