Friday, April 05, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

The Dreaded Employee Manual aka WTF ?
Why is this news to some people ?

Yeah Betty, you KNOW I was gonna blog about it .....LMAO Fist Pump !
Oh the angst around the joint...Holy Frakkin A ...even I am amazed at the twitterpation.

Every so often the Employee Manual is updated.
This time was a bit different. Our lead HR person ( we have 2 - yeah, it confuses all of us  too )  has a refreshingly pleasent sense of humor. For this alone I almost  revere her as much as I do anyone in authority.
And this time I  immediately saw the sands in the hour glass soap opera angst on the horizon ...( Bonus points if you can name the soap opera I just referred to...double points if you can do it without using Google or Wikipedia ) .First, the page count in the EM is halved.
Outstanding !
There are some changes and an attachment that we all must sign and forward to HR saying that we WILL read and COMPLY with the EM.

Not Have .
Will .

Whiskey .
Tango .
Foxtrot .


First of all , it should have read HAVE READ AND WILL COMPLY.
Will indicates intention not the completion of the action.

Ok...I can let that one pass since I may be one of the few that actually caught that .

Then there was the usual bit about harassment ( general and sexual...) . FRAKKIN DUH !

Then the best part.

The Dress Code.

Best line ever  :



I shite you not .


What are we  ?

12 ?

Who in the world is this  meant for  ?

And then the fun part. We can wear blue jeans on the Friday of a holiday weekend year round and additionally can wear them every Friday from Memorial Day through Labor Day .During the summer we may also wear ankle length pants and or capri's..but the capri's MUST NOT BE DENIM  .


So I can wear denim jeans but capris must be twill or material of the non denim species  ?

First of all, and this is honestly my personal opinion....Capri's , pedal pushers /clam diggers ( Yes I am over 55 ) are never appropriate in the office regardless of whether your job has a casual dress code policy or not.

Period .

Secondly...  Ladies, if you are considering it  , for the love of Bast..shave your legs...even if you limit it to the part that will show .

The biggest problem is that historically ( I can say that with a straight face after 31 years here ) we have NEVER enforced the policy evenly or consistently..ever. Am I the only person whose parents raised them with the idea that if you have to ask if something is appropriate and or already know the answer ?

There were other issues..clocking in and out for lunch amongst them and people are all WTF ?

If you do the right thing and play by the rules you have no problems. No one is being asked to Narc out anyone else. If you feel entitled to cheat policy...


As clearly stated , you can be terminated.

You been served MOFO .

Have A Great Weekend .


Aunty Pol


sunflowerch said...

These are The Days of Our Lives . . . .

Aunty Pol said...

You are correct madame .