Thursday, July 19, 2007

Enough with the rain already..SHEESH

People, people ...if I wanted this krep I would have stayed in the Pacific Northwest. It has rained here for a month or more and there is no let up in sight. Normally, we watch the Gulf this time of year since it is in fact mid season, but now the concern is more about the levels of the Brazos and Trinity Rivers. They are both above flood stage and if the PTB's release more water as I suspect they must....we are screwed here people. All of the water from the hill country and so forth has to go somewhere...and it's gonna head for the gulf. Look it up's not hard to understand this simple fact of science.

I am sorry if I appear cranky here...and yes , I am , but dagnabbit..enough. Andy no longer meows, he does a credible imitation of the AFLAC duck. My yard is a bog, it's drowning the garden, and the only winners here are the hydrangeas. At this rate, it will be November before the Moron can build the deck, assuming that all goes well for him medically. Dunno know yet on that one, and still kepping fingers crossed for the father in law and his carcinoma .


At least the crazy cajun and his spouse and the yakers ( my white water thrill monkeys ) are able to come over for a small dinner party this Saturday. They are all the crew that we hang with and really are the best sort of friends.......seen you amid the best and worst, love ya in spite of it , the friends you hang on to for dear life . My late parents had friends like that ..the Smitters, the Lowrys, Carl and Elaine Liddel ( before the divorce that is) . John and Betsy Ostereicher...these are the friends we rely on, the honest ones, and I am grateful to them . My gal pal in Washington state and her hubby also fall into this catagory, and I bless them every day. I have learned the diifference between true friends and those who are just there because their sense of superiority needs a re-charge. When people get judgemental, my usual response is " Pick a finger". Rude I care ...f dat and them . I really don't give a rat's a** with it. I am happy with the people I hang with and those who are basically just good better, no worse, just as they are. And believe it or not, other than this bit - o - rant, I am generally a pretty happy person, all things considered. Must be middle age. LMAO.

So warned,....Aunty Pol has a bur you know where...and it's because of the rain. SU is climbing the walls...making me nuts . The kitteh's are cranky and the only thing that makes me smile is :

check it out.


A soggy Aunty Pol

PS..sorry about the rant..but it's raining again. And I am tired of the wet.I'm likely to be cranky till the weather clears up, or the Ark I will make you a deal..." Don't like it ? Don't read it ."

Nuff said.


Countess Entwistle said...

Bosh, it's been raining here like crazy too. Although, I'm liking the rain, but then I've always liked rain. I'm weird, I know...

Aunty Pol said...

CE..I usually like the rain too....but 8 weeks of it...I kid you not...enuf already..

Glub Glub

The Delicate Flower