Monday, August 27, 2007

Thus Far

Wel, the Pro's from Dover made their plane. The Moron thought that G would drive to his house Friday night, spend the night , and then they would drive to the airport.


Granted , the last time they flew out, they flew from Hobby, on the Moron's side of town . South of us .


This time .

the Pro's from Dover were flying out of IAH . For the tourista's........IAH is Houston Intercontinental ...yup. The one we live across the road from. So why the hell they would go south and then double back is way beyond me...except that this is once again the Pro's from Dover.

G thought better of it ( DOH ) , so we put the Moron up for the night. This in and of itself is not bad , except whe you have a couple of guys who are 12 when they are together ( Ludden and Meador..hmmmm? ) who have to talk over the top of each other .

My ears bleed .

The NG drove them to IAH.

G took great pains to remind me of the chores that needed to be done . Like I am 9 .


I can clean the cat boxes.

I can put out the trash .

I can check the doors.

Yes , this is very sweet...............................arrggh.

Somehow , I managed to survive prior to the 20 years we have been joined at the hip.

God knows how.

But I have .

Have a great week, I am on vacay.

Whoot !

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol .

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Countess Entwistle said...

Woot for vacations! Break out the shiner. :D