Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finally got it figured out...

For the life of me , I haven't been able to figure out why I am so eager for this particular vacation . More than the usual...whooooo hooooooooo . More along the lines of dear Jeebus...when..?

Life here at the Seitch has been pretty normal for us this year. Hisself is working the usual week and then a smidge over half a day on Saturday . Sunday he plays golf..all normal there . And no...I don't mind the golf, he's earned it and anyone who actually knows the SU knows he was a bear with a sore butt during the nine ( yes..9) weeks it rained every day. We set records here for rainfall this year. Trust me here...we are all in agreement on that bit . The Kitteh's are all fine, learning to stand up to Andy Panda Pants, and he of course has us trained on ..TREATS..!!!!!!!!!!! Family is all fine, or dealing with their situation at any given moment with good grace as always . Work is fine...insane..completely f'g insane...and completely usual. My WOA brothers and sistah's on arms are all fine and dandy. The appliances are all in working order, knock on wood. Same for Pearl the Wonder Car , baby girl is fine and almost paid off.

So it again begs the question....why ?

Then it hit me.


As is my custom, I take the first week off April off for my birthday . First , because it's my birthday , dammit ! Secondly, the first week of April is usually the to the's spring...wheeeee....woot !

Not this year .

Yes, I did in fact take that week off.

And we had the house painted. Not all the interior, just the two hallways ( wall, ceiling and trim - 3 colors) and the living room/dining room = great room ( again , wall, ceiling and trim) . This required packing all of the bookcases, the china hutch and buffet, removing all of the art, covering all of the furniture , moving all the furniture, wall prep . You get the idea. I realize that this doesn't seem like a lot until you realize that we have been in the house for 1 7 1/2 years now .Then there was the putting all the krep back, after cleaning all the carpets, washing the windows..well...hey the krep was all packed up...LMAO.

After today I am out until the day after Labor day.

I may not get out of bed tomorrow.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

Come to the Darkside, we have cookies.

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