Thursday, April 15, 2010

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Well..another Casa Crisis averted..nothing big but a pain in the ass nevertheless.
On the up side, it appears that the " Growing Of The Herbs " experiment is doing well.
In other words, I have not managed to kill them all yet.
Don't get me wrong, I am usually quite successful in whatever I under take in the garden having learned through trial and error over the years.
For example...pale white way .
Plant a rose that is supposed to be rather compact ?
Shazaaam !
It's a climber !
Who knew ?
We got some rain today for which I am grateful because I dread the approaching summer water bill.
It is what it is.
Other than that I am happy that the Duranta appears to be coming back, I saw some small green leaves last for once , I an going to stay on top of pruning so that it doesn't get out of control...this plant grows fast and leggy.
Now , if only Andy's Plumbago would cooperate...sigh.
I wish I was as brave as Miss Calamity Anne and her seeds....she is rather gifted...I am not.
Oh well she said .
Have a great day .

Aunty Pol

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one of all said...

Wow nice post liked it alot... it's a really nice one by the way... keep on writing because we are waiting to read another one...
Good Luck