Friday, April 30, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday !

Well..that's about par for the course today.

Blogspot won't let me upload the usual photo from the office..I'll try to add one later.
edit: Finally today ( Monday ) I can upload my BC - huzzah !

Thank ( insert deity of your choice here ) that it's Friday.

Thus far today I have:

1. Lost and retrieved my keys .

2. Located and repo'd my ATM card .

3. Slipped on wet tile but thankfully this time no broken bones to report.

4. Realized that my sinus headache will no go away not matter what I do or take.

5. Realized that Blogspot will also not let me make an edit....grrrrr.


Tomorrow has to be better but I suspect it will be busy so ..lucky me...I'd better address Mt. Maytag starting tonight.

Oh and SU has had as bad a day as I have had ..happy happy joy joy.

Have a good weekend if you can.


Aunty Pol


one of all said...

Oh!God.... nice things has happen to you.... any way think in a positive way and don't worry think that sth could happen even worse and honey don't worry about that headache...
think about the small and young children who have gotten rare blood disease and now thanks God that you haven't....
really thanks God that you haven't
now do you feel better?
oh and thanks for your nice comment
it really helps you know?
have fun and enjoy

Tzippy said...

Maybe friday was one of those days, because my friday was just dragging on and on and I thought it was just me. Maybe it was a planetary thing. But today its so much nicer and quieter. :)