Friday, February 12, 2010

Ready For This !

I have decided that I am ready for spring.
The top picture is Bluebonnets .
They are to just flat out die for .
It is traditional that folks travel north of the city every spring to go gasp and the beauty of the fields and fields of native Texas wildflowers. People take their kids up and I am confident that damn near every house has at least one photo of said child/children in fields of Bluebonnets , Indian Paintbrushes or a combination. If you have any common sense at all, you also know to check for fireant mounds before you plotz your kids ass down for that Kodak moment.
Oh shit.
Kodak moment.
I am that old.
Sorry peeps...I know of this thingy called a digital camera. I have been known to use one.
Digital moment just doesn't sound right to me so Kodak moment it will be.
Back to the blooms.
We can tell every year how much water we have gotten or not by the rate of blooms and their duration. You see them all along the big airport here and along the sides of the road..
God Bless You Lady Bird Johnson , if not for you , we would not have this abundance before us.
The second picture is of naturally Mr Boo Fay.
He who is not related to Warren .
DAH MAN is going to play here .....
He didn't play in town last year...the angels wept.
So did the Parrotheads.
As luck would have it , he will be playing on SU's birthday at the little house on the prairie, aka the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.
We are going !
Like we always have.
The office knows I won't be in the day after.
Not as one might suppose from over consumption of various adult beverages...oh did think that ...can't fool me.
I 'm taking it off because :
1. I can.
2. I am too old to handle the lack of sleep. It will be midnight before we get home at the earliest and the alarms go off at 5 am.
You read that right.
5 am .
So , SU has a mission next Saturday.
I buy , he flies.
Fins up y'all.
Aunty Pol

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