Friday, February 26, 2010

Self Explanitory

I get that we live in Texas.
I get that it is Rodeo time.
I get that the Rodeo does in fact generate a lot of scholarship money for 4 H kids and alike that work very , very , very hard .
I admire them.
I really do.
But the Trolls.
Yes, Bitches....I am talking about you.
Some of all y'all give even Buckle Bunnys a really bad name.
I mean damn.....Dolly Parton would not wear some of the crap that I've seen. Evidently even a bedazzler can go up in flames from over use.
Worse than that ...ahem....the "Tude "?
I've seen hyena's with better table manners.
It amazes me that your size 10 ass in a pair of maybe size 6 jeans hasn't sucked out all the oxygen from your brains..........oh wait.... it did , didn't it ?
Not every one opted for western wear today.
Myself included, because flash......I don't own any.
I don't do costumes.....not for work.
In my youth , I was one of those SCA'ers who did do the full regalia for the Renaissance Festival.
The difference being, we stayed in character.
The fashion parade or lack thereof was certainly interesting.
For all you sweet young things who feel entitled because said orifices are lined in gold and you have nothing better to do than prance up and down the halls in a wrangler/Cavenders walkoff...
I have one word for you .
In years to come it will be your new BFF.
Hugs and Kisses,
Your Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

ROFL!! Oh, you are sooo bad, dear!

Gahhh... you were an SCAer? (OK, I'm not surprised, really!) Never joined, but did a good stint of being a hanger-oner. I still garb for the Ren Fest (properly sedate Viking tunic and apron, for my matronliness).

Oh, you'll be glad to know I'm no longer a lemon head on an orange body... now it's a walnut head on an orange body... LOL! Told the stylist I wanted something different and, when I put my glasses on again, I was a brunette. This is going to take some getting used to! ;-)