Friday, February 17, 2012

Belle Oaks Orange Pecan Bread

I will look at any thing that has orange in it.

White Barn Candles used to have the best scented candles that actually smelled like a REAL orange, not some funky cheap ass orange candy flavored BS.

Yankee Candle has yet to come close to a scent I will buy..I want orange dammit not a pina colada, no Tahitian sunset, no tequila sunrise...ORANGE .


I get a lot..a LOT of recipes sent to me via e mail subscription.....don't we all ?

This one caught my eye .

It first glance, I thought , " Oh , it's some monkey bread variation".

Then I read it again.." Cream cheese ? Yum."

Then I looked again.." Stand biscuits on their an orange wedge..hmmmm..".

Boop Mr. Linky for the recipe.


Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

There is a special hell for you, woman. Easy orange sticky rolls and bacon cream sauce over pasta in the same damn day???? You know I have all the ingredients for both. You know I am weak willed. You call yourself friend, yet you taunt me.

Oh, I ignored yesterday's temptation to overindulge in beef, but this could not pass unremarked.

(Hugs, honey!)