Friday, February 17, 2012

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

This is one of my favorite pasta dishes of all time that I had to set aside because for YEARS , SU refused to even consider eating eggs..I know..except for a girlfriends mother's deviled eggs ( Hey Mother Mary ! ) .
Jere Lee's father makes this all the time at home in Louisiana , so when the urge hits her , she whomps up a batch and brings me some.
During the on going hell that was " Daddy gets dentures" , when SU was hard pressed to be able to eat any solid food, he discovered that he liked this dish when Jere Lee sent brought some to me.
I almost fell over dead.
Miss Elise over at Simply Recipes posted this so of course I had to share.
We buy the big package of Wrights Bacon which contains the trimmings that are too big for the standard see through package of your personal choice of bacon.
Trust me here, you get a hell of a lot more bacon in a pkg that looks like a kilo ( " Coming Into Los Angeles..."..had to do it) ...and you will have to separate it all out and trim some but it is totally worth it. I make my own bacon and egg tacos to take for breakfast during the week and so this is a hell of a lot more cost effective.
I guess I'll have to hold some uncooked back to use in this recipe.
It's a rough life, ain't it ?

Aunty Pol

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