Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh God...Are You Going To Make Me Watch Ianto Die Again ??????

Soooo....RTD ( Russell T. Davis ) and Fox have the balls to think that they can re-make Torchwood and that it will be okay ??
Ok..hear me out.
Yes , they remade Dr. Who, and it was brilliant. But it never lost it's sense of being a BBC production. You knew when you were in Cardiff, you know when you were in London and it didn't try to dumb itself down for the Yanks who ate it up like clotted cream.
And yes, they remade BSG....the saving grace there was that the writers and actors knew that any viewer that tuned in was apt to have an active brain and they didn't dumb it down. No dogs that looked like Hoovers....hell...we even forgave than completely supported a gender change for Starbuck....tho I am still unsure of the angel bit at the finale.

But this is BULLSHIT.
Begone I say.

A Miffed Aunty Pol...who still mourns the loss of Tosh, Owen and Ianto dammit.

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