Sunday, January 17, 2010

What A Lovely Weekend

Yeah , I know ......I wish.
Well dear hearts, the weekend was lovely.
The dinner party was a rousing success as SU is fond of saying , the food and wine was superb and none of the children embarrassed their parents by urping on the freshly shampooed carpet.
Huzzah all around !
Of course , I over did it with the cleaning .
Stop it , I can hear you .
Yes, the guests were our dearest friends who are more family than anything else , but I do have my own set of standards and the house will be as I see fit. SU has grasped this after all of these years and knows that I am going to take the day off before any dinner party to do my thing.
I could probably use paper plates and they wouldn't care , but I do . I like to have a proper table with the linens and crystal and makes me happy and is my way of showing my guests that I appreciate their company and the work that SU does to prepare the meal.
Of course I pay the price.
Given my stage with the polio, it is difficult to walk the next day. My left leg is pretty much dead weight so I take it easy.
Would I do it again ?

Every single time.
So , right now I have an adult beverage and the Angels are singing.
Fancast has " Poltergeist , The Legacy".
Twenty seven episodes of the yumminess that is Derek de Lint.
I am blissfully happy.
Of course , having tomorrow off doesn't hurt one damn bit either.
Stay tuned for Barrowman Monday.
Oh Pt 2.... Miss Agie got 'dopted.

Blessed Be
Aunty Pol

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