Monday, January 11, 2010

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!'s Jack and Spike....sue me.
I kid.
Well, I am off in 45 minutes or so for a late lunch to run next door and spend an obscene amount on new eyeballs.....or glasses as the rest of the sane world calls them.
Yes...I still want those Ralph Lauren sunglasses.
I am obsessed with them.
More than my shoes .
Yeah, that bad.
I may have a way to pull that off , but it's early days so....stay tuned.
Update: $367.00 after Insurance discount.
Ralph will have to wait....
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

*sigh* I know. Decided to see about recycling old frames and got a price on new lenses only. $400+ (before discount... I don't know what that is yet 'cause my optician doesn't take my insurance).