Monday, January 18, 2010

Meet The Kittys Part 2

Well Hello There.
My name is Loki . I am the eldest of 3 triplets ( I know I am the oldest , I just do so there !) and we are all 10 years old .
I am a gorgeous manly man cat who is working the sexy silver for all it's worth.
I also answer to Loki Lo, the Lokinator, Number One Son or Goober , which is just my Mommy's way of saying gorgeous. She's weird that way .
We started out pretty rough if you ask me. A lady that my Mommy works with has a friend who found us abandoned in the parking lot of the K Mart in Pasadena. Now personally, I would have preferred Neimans but we didn't get a vote. I guess it was because we were FIVE days old.
FIVE Days old.
Our sister Keisha had gone to the Rainbow Bridge 2 days before and my Mommy and Daddy were very upset . Even so, my Mommy made an executive decision ( what ever that is ) to at least look at us . My Mommy says that we were so determined to live she couldn't say no....even though we were the size of mousies .
I even had one eye already open. I was looking out to protect the females ya know.
But there was a problem.
You see, my Mommy and Daddy have full time jobbies and can't be at home all the time. My Mommy talked to my Aunt Nee Nee who talked to her parents.
Big Daddy and Momma Chrissy agreed to do " little kitten day care". Mommy bought all of our supplies and stuff and they took care of us.
Now we had a good upbringing since Big Daddy is a Baptist Minister , so when he and Momma Chrissy had to go to their jobbie, they took us with. So we were raised right as we say down here.
Big Daddy taught me how to eat donuts and all sorts of stuff.
Aunt Nee Nee and Unca Big Guy had the night shift so we really got out and about.When I got to be a big man cat, Aunt Nee Nee brought me to my forever home.
And boy was it a mess.
Whats Renovation ?
My new Mommy and Daddy made sure that we had plenty of toys and a box just our size so it worked out pretty good. I learned that I like to share my Mommy's peanut butter sammiches ( crunchy thank you very much ) and even though I don't like to be held, I an SUPER HEAD BUTT BOY OF THE UNIVERSE.
My stupid sissers want their turn so I gotta go see of Mommy has a sammich maybe.
Dudes Rule !
The Lokinator

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