Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's Play Meet The Kittys

Memo To The So Called Managers/Parents :

We protest.

You talk about every one else but the most important creatures at the Casa.

Namely US.

We are taking over this bloggy thingy.

Ransom demands will arrive shortly.


Ahem...move aside Brats....I get to go first.

My name is Munchkin. I also answer to Nee Nee, Nee Nee Puddins and Snuffalupalus ( Which I hate by the way thank you very much Mommy ) .
I am 14 years old and am the oldest one here at the Casa so of course it's my way or highway. My Mommy and Daddy found me at Petsmart in this terrible glass box and Mommy had to come sit in the room in the middle of all of us. Since I was the smallest , I backed up into a corner and forgot how to get out but that was okay because I was a baby kitty . Mommy said that since I was the smallest with the loudest voice that she picked ME !
I had an older brother and sister who went to the Rainbow Bridge just before the ride home , so I had big paws to fill.
And fill them I did.
When I was about 4 years old , some really mean nasty peoples broke our back door in and took our stuff , but the nice man across the street called his police officer son and the bad people didn't get nuthin but jail time . We got all out stuff but it scared me so I stay in the big bedroom most of the time ( I do know where my box is tho) and my Mommy has kibble and a big water bowl in MY room for me. I'm a very smart girl because I know that this means that I get to call dibs on the sqwooshy bed and my Mommy's pillow.
I do come out when it is time for my Mommy to go to bed and I tell her but she doesn't listen...Daddy and I think she is hard of hearing but she does lay out the nip on the special rug on Caturday so I bear up the best that I can.
I have 5 Brats...oops...sorry...bubbies and sissies and I think I need a raise because they are a pawful to supervise .
I have to go now, I need my beauty sleepies.
I guess I'll let the B............bubbies and sissies have a turn...but I got to go first cause I am the oldest and prettiest after all.
Bye for Naow.
Queen Munchkin of all her domain...and yours too if I sees it first.

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