Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meet The Kittys Part 3

Hi there, my name is Gracie Marie .
Not Grace, thank you very much Daddy .
I have a middle name .
I answer to Floofy, Floofy girl or Hoover.
I had heard about this nice house with kittys a couple of years ago so I checked it out. There was an orange varmint out on the patio, but he didn't bother me and I sure as hell didn't bother him. I am a southern girl kitty after all and I do have some manners....except for food but we will come back to that part in a bit.
The city had built a new runway across the road from my now forever home and a lot of the animals had to find new places for kibble and so forth.
The big ape who lives in the brick box told my mommy that he had thought there was a raccoon in the back yard.
Two nice ladies used to sit outside in the evening and they encouraged me to come over.
There was food there.
And Water .
Once I found the bowl , I never left.
Not once.
The nice lady had to show the big ape that I was not a raccoon because there used to be a kitty that looked a lot like me who had to go to this Rainbow Bridge place.
The apes not really bright .
Anyhoodle, it got cold that winter so the nice lady and the ape took me to the stick you place to get checked out.
I am perfect of course and at the perfest age..4.
I am a quiet girl except when there is something between me and my food. I am also a very good little sister because I make sure that all of the food plates are A-OK...I test them all myself.
Aren't I just the best girl ?
Even though I don't have a lot of what they call car sense, I do know how to use a box and where it is.
The others don't know it , but I am the one who is really in charge.
Now...where is the food ?
It's been 10 minutes and I am Starvin Marvin....who ever he is.
Bye for now .
Gracie Marie

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