Friday, January 22, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Ok..I was going to finish this Friday and now it's Sunday....there is a lot going on.
SU and I had a bit of a discussion the other night...all is good never fear.
He had begun to realize something I've been watching for the last year or so , I simply waited for the " DOH " moment.
There has been a lot of stuff going on for us the last year, some all y'all know, except for the sister of my heart who knows the rest of it.
2009 just f'g sucked from start to finish.
To top that, I know my husband and I've seen some ummm...mood changes in subtle ways that have given me pause.
I haven't said anything because he has been under unusual stress with the teeth bit and the on going OMG that his mother continues to go through.
Foremost, he flat out quit playing golf last July.
I'll wait until all y'all come to .
Yup..the man who has played for 30 + years and adores the whole concept quit.
And it wasn't about the cost to play with the League tho this was the initial excuse...that and he felt he was playing just shitty....yeah right.
Even I know better than that.
But I held my peace.
He had an Epiphany Friday.
One of his co-workers needs a ride to and from work during the week , and SU being SU said sure...glad to help.
I am not sure what the male version of a TWAT is but this guy is it.
Total Freaking Downer.
From the minute he gets in the car till the time they get there, this dude is a buzz kill. Listening to him drains both your vibe and your soul .
No matter what it is , this guy lives to be the victim.
He needs the drama.
SU has told him..if you hate the job ( which there is no reason to...and we know the difference) ...get the F out of the what evs. But for right now, SU will continue to give him a ride.
Will there come a time I say ..." Honey, enough ?"
Perhaps, I don't rule it out...

All this guy wants to do is piss and moan.
SU didn't realize till lunch the other day with other co-workers how the TWAT was just draining him.
We all have enough in our lives without asking for more shit to be down about.
I am grateful now that SU realizes what it is that he can deal with it however he needs to.
I often wonder about this sort of thing about my blog.
I don't want this to be nothing but me ranting.
I don't have a topic or theme..I am a baby in the world oh blog...and this is nothing except a way for me to be able to write which I miss and a chance to make the 9 followers and my friends laugh and be able to keep up with us.
The day I can do nothing but sound like the TWAT...I will quit .,
But not today darlins...not today.
And...SU is out with the Moron.

They played golf.
And are at the Ice House watching the game....GO Saints !
Life is good.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

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