Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'Jita's baby !

Cindy Lou Who and I went out  for a belated birthday lunch for her on Sunday...good planning there Pol...also aka Fathers Day..sheesh.
Anyhoo, we went up to Pappasitas..a local chain here in Houston.
She had the shrimp salad and a rita of course..the salad was huge btw.
I had my usual.
Beef Fajitas.
With Filet Mignon beef.
Huge Mistake y'all.
There was something about the literal texture of the Mignon that just did not lend itself to this style of entree.
The texture was fine, but it had damn near NO FLAVOR !
Lesson learned..order the usual way.
Or something the spicy chicken thing which sounded a lot like the one dish we used to get at Pepperchase ( note for SU ).

Now this on the other hand..well..the minute I saw that it had beer in the marinade and Shiner to boot..oh hell yeah.
Now I don't have a cast iron griddle like Miss Julie uses here, but we do have a large cast iron skillet that belonged to his late mother and we can carefully use it  on  the glass top range..the key is to carefully move it if needed..OR ...we do have a new shiney grill on the patio and that perforated grilling pan..and I know right where it is too...LOL..
So...go check out her blog.
I've gotten two recipes now that I really want to try.

Aunty Pol

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