Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Unbelievable - Even To Me.

We don't need your Sauna Hot Pants ..or any other hot pants actually.
We are in a sauna.
When I went downstairs for a 5 minute break, the captivate screens ( TV in elevators...who knew ?)..said that the temperature was 106.
And it felt like it.
Gracie is pretty po'd at us because we are keeping her in during the day..I mean really Gracie...we pay good green papers for the A/C monster so enjoy it...go back to sleep .
As usual, by the time we get home and change clothes and  feed the Overloards, it's time to go water a bit...and die in the heat.
It wa 90 degrees at 9 pm.
Yo Debbie..head this way gal..we need the rain sistah.
Stay safe everyone.
Aunty Pol

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