Monday, June 18, 2012

M is For Monday, M is For MEH !

This is a photo of some volcano in Chile whose location escapes me..I just thought it was a wicked cool picture.
Life goes on.
Loki is still visibly aware that she is gone and is soooo sad.I laid out a lot of cat nip on their rug and basically threw a bunch all over the living room carpet, I think that I will leave it there for a few days..
This weekend was one of those where I didn't even do laundry, thankfully SU did his scrubs and a load or 2 will be done..I just didn't care one way of the other about it all ...which is not the usual.
We have managed to work out some form of a system to get Xena's meds into her..she is much better now that she is not having to take the steroids..they made it worse and burned...not good.
Of course the eye drops that we got at Kroger ( generic) were still $136.00..people drops no less..but I do not care..
We have closed off escape routes and even though she is adept at playing " flat cat" as she slinks under the china hutch..yeah..I have managed to convince her that all I need is her head and that I am not going to be dragging her out by force..and it is still a 2 person operation but like everything else in life, once you figure out the system it works out ..
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Been keepin' Xena in prayer, hon! You, too.