Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh Dear...My Self Control is Weakening A Bit

This lil punkin is one of the newest fosters over at IBKC.
Except for the eye's Andy as a baby.
Lordy help me.
I miss my baby dude..but life goes on.
I hope  people in the Sea/Tac area give this tiny tyke a wonderful forever home.
I know that Miss Laurie and Miss Bean will do their usual above and  beyond the call to love and groom and photograph zoom and chasing the tailage so there is no doubt that lil Andy 2.0 ( yes dear, I sorta named him.) will do quite  well.
Be sure to stop over to the IBKC to check on the fundraiser.
Remember ..Opurrators are standing by.

Aunty Pol

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