Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'd Like to Think That This Is A Joke ..But........

I ran across this on Facebook..I know .,.huge ass surprise there....and it was mentioned in an article written by Cosmetics Cop, Paula Begoin. Now don't get me wrong, I have read her stuff for years because she actually does a pretty clear job of debunking all of the false claims that are made by the cosmetics industry on a daily basis...brand by brand. That being said, I do take exception to the fact that Miss Begoin is in the position of now  having   her own skincare and  cosmetics company ( more power to her  ! ) and routinely.....wait for it ...wait ...wait ....submits to her readers that "her " line of products is uniformly superior to what ever she happens to be reviewing at the time of the article in question.
As if her readers are all too stupid to see the bias.
Just come out and say it Paula. :
" My shit is better so buy my stuff."

The Shisedo article made me laugh  for five minutes.
I have a simple view point.
I am over the age of 50.
I didn't take the care I should have of my skin when I was younger....LIKE EVERYONE ELSE  DIDN'T EITHER WHEN THEY WERE MY AGE...( nope..not bitter...not me..! )
I use Cetaphil.
I use Strivectin  for the 11's ..and I know that you gals know exactly what I mean..but the Strivectin seems to work for me and lasts a dogs age.
I use mineral makeup.
I have and use twice daily a Clarisonic.
I exfoliate .
I do not EVER go to bed with makeup on.
I use sunscreen.
I am old enough to know what does or doesn't work and I have everything from St. Ives scrubs to Josie Maran's argan oil...which f'g rocks btw and is totally worth it .
I don't give a rats ass about the name, I care about whether it works or not and whether it will make my skin freak out..thank you Avon Skin So Soft for that lasting lesson...grrrrr.

And I have the crows feet like every other woman my age has.
I know that short of Juviderm or Botox...( yes please) ..there is no escaping the signs of aging.
Unless I missed it, the alternative is ..um....being dead ?
I'll pass on that for the immediate future thankyouverymuch.

Please forgive me if I simply take perverse pleasure in someone...anyone....Bueller ....Bueller...being stupid enough to shell out that much money for a face cream.

For that much money,  give me a tummy tuck, a lift northwards for the girls and a few other things.
Shit...just give me that kind of money so I can buy beef for the dinner table.

Just sayin...

Go and slap Mr. Linky to read the article, it's hilarious .

Aunty Pol

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