Friday, June 29, 2012

Saving My Sanity ..More Or Less...LMAO
This is the room that we got built last year with the fundraiser..and I say we because I was a multiple contributor yeah ....bragging rights time for us all.

So far this year a third of the goal has been reached so gently tap Mr. Linky..the Gibsons may be asleep you know..bebe's are like that ..and read all about it.

Perhaps this hits closer to home more than ever before for SU and I because losing the two and the continued dosing of Madame Xena ( makes her sound like a carney medium doesn't it ..hee hee ) reminds us that at her age , she is considered an elder cat even though she is 12.
We have the means to care for all of ours, not just the green papers but the health to get to the vet and to Petsmart for their food.

I can't imagine the heartbreak if it was otherwise.

I know money is tight , trust me, it's more often than not that way for us too , even if you can't chip in...if you are just a casual reader..

Grab this link if you have a blog and pay it forward by posting. Spreading the word is just as important as a dollar at times .

Bruce of the Day is coming up.

Blessed Be All Creatures Great And Small.

Aunty Pol

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