Monday, July 02, 2012

It was a surprising weekend , mostly in good ways I should one panic okay ? I did enough of that for all of us .
Saturday morning  SU went and got the PTU in preparations for the jaunt to Banfield. Now, she has gotten better some days with the drops, others not  so much so we never, ever know how this will play play out. That little minx....SU opened the door and she saunters right it's a private bedroom ( honey lamb , if that is the case , Mama is going to fire the decorator because your crib is fugly girl ! ) .
So off we go to Banfield, taking the Townsend backroads so we can avoid all the mid morning crap around the mall...wheee.
Now , I do have to say that I was genuinely and pleasently surprised at how well the visit went...this time.
Remember , these are the same folks who had some confusion when we took Annie/Andy up there to be fixed....that Doctor is gone as far as I know...we were on time and had called to let them know that we were  on the way, check in was prompt...she's gained 2 ounces y'all....woooooooo hoooooooo....for a cat with IBS issues, this is HUGE . Anyhoo, I like Dr. Keisha. She was warm and sweet to my girl and the fact that she spelled her name the same way I spelled my Keisha's ( Mama misses you Stinkerbell) was a plus.

Bottom's Herpes.
Now, it is at the same point as Billy Sweetfeet Nortons...Xena still has her sight ...and we are hoping that the meds ( eye drops ) will do the trick, but I suspect that it will be one of those deals where it will clear up then flare up .
This is another situation where spaying and neutering is so damn critical. Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE MY TRIPS...ALL 3 OF THEM..SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE MAMA TO GET TO THEM....but...ferals that are abandoned by their mother have a greater chance of being exposed dto Herpes and FIV and god knows that else than most cats...and those of us who choose them have to deal with the consequences of non fixation.

It's a catch 22.

The link under the photo is one of the best explanations of our situation. The kitty on the bottom is much the same as Xena is/was..As  you can see ,  the pink tissue in the eye is inflammed and Xena's was much worse. The tissue is still swollen but not as red and as the article says, once it's under some form of control , we will watch for " flareups." There is no cure so to speak.

I love my girl and the struggle twice daily is not fun.

Be good to your furr babies out there gang.

Have a great week and a safe holiday.

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sunflowerch said...

Glad she’s doing better and that you have a diagnosis now. Hope she continues to improve.