Monday, July 02, 2012

I'm Staying In My Happy Place

Since it's Monday, and I justg finished reading all about Xena....As one gal pal put it...
" Reading the phrase " Regarding Xena, it's Herpes may be the most disturbing sentence I read  today."..well I just had to laugh. She and I are " Xena, Warrior Princess " fans...and I didn't think about how the post on my facebook page would scan . I can see her point....2 points to the biggest A-Ha fan in the known universe.

Anyhoo...aren't they pretty ?
I bought them from Dillards to wear with jeans because they are soo cute and I need them and they were on sale and all of the usual reasons

Yup..since it's Monday and his card game is tonight and I have to do a load of whites and tend to the dishwasher and do eggs and Gaia knows what else...I'm gonna stay/ play in the shoe dept for a while .

Aunty Pol

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