Thursday, July 19, 2012

Even Broneys Are Well Dressed !

Karl Laugerfeld as My Little Brony !
Can you stand it ?
I almost....almost SU ..want one.
But then again , I can see the future of it...the children would consider it just another toy to fight over..dragging it around the living roo and dining room, stashing it in their super secret ( not ) hiding place under the china hutch . on it .

Well, I'm a bad wife.
The bronchial crap that I had last week, that rendered my completely useless for 3 days ?
Yep...caring is sharing so SU is home today.
I could tell yesterday that he wasn't 100% when we were on the way to work and I could really tell on the way home. The only time that he wants soup is when he is sick, weird I know.
Anyhoo, we both thought that we had some Progresso in the some had to be fetched from Kroger...
He has a routine..Progresso chicken soup with a couple hits of Tabasco and club crackers . Tabasco is a regular condiment on our table so its not that unheard of here in Texas.
Soup - check.
Juice - check .
Antihistamines - check.

I just talked to him a little while ago and he still sounds like crap , I think he should stay home tomorrow but hey....not my call.

And Southside Johnny is still driving me bat shit about the house , especially since the realtor ( why she did this I have no idea save to shut him up , Gawd knows how many times he's called her ) let it out that the expected closing date is July 31.


At least tomorrow is Friday !
And we've had a bit more rain in the afternoons, compared to this time last year, I am a happy , happy , joy , joy  Pol.

Next Up..Stay tuned for ....

Well tomorrow is Friday , isn't it ?

BRUCE !!!!!!!!!!!

Aunty Pol

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