Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's National Pecan Pie Day !

The above picture came from imstuffed along with the recipe aat

One of the attorneys and I were just talking about various beverages we consumed as chuckleheaded youths as my father would have  termed it. Actually, the conversation began as he strolled up and asked me if I could break a fiver. Silly man, I never carry cash....but I told him that I would be happy to float him some change as I knew where he worked. That lead to a conversation on the variety of drinks in various regions. I explained to him that it was Jolt cola when I was in college, RC cola in Virginia and of course Dr. Pepper down here. The attorneys eyes lit up at the mention of RC cola as he went to Georgetown and then that led to what we did or did not miss about the Tidewater area.....and soft shell crab, crab cakes and Stuckeys.

I had to laugh when I got an e mail about the above recipe after this walk down memory lane because I am certain beyond any doubt that my late mother knew the exact location of every single Stuckeys along the entire east coast.

Stuckeys is where after all she would get the bags and bags and bags of pecans every fall for pies and tarts and stuffing in your mouth. It's a shame she never discovered the good recipe for pralines from Brennans..she would have been a happy gal.

I haven't made a pecan pie in years, since there is no Stuckeys in the general Houston area, but I am tempted to see how proud Kroger is of theirs....if they have any decent ones that is.

Aunty Pol

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