Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! ~

This is the look Bruce would be giving me as he listened to me vent about Martha ..
I wish .

Happy Friday y'all.
In the great " Zyrtec" or Kroger version thereof experiment, it seems that I do better taking it at night.I did that the first few days when I finally threw in the towel with the allergies and it seemed to go well, save the fact that by about 4 pm the following day, I needed a nap as it wore off.
SO I took one this morning and it is less effective..or it's just not getting it done after a few days of faking my ass out..that also has been known to happen...ahem...Mucinex.
Looking out the window, you can see the haze over the city.. bleech...and it's hotter than hell.
I doubt that there will be a lot of oven usage this weekend because of the heat and that is fine because I am totally okay with Churches chiggin.

And of course any plans ( hahahahahahahahhahahah..I crack myself up ) to work in the yard are tabled beyond the get up early ( again.....hahahahahahahah...I crack myself up ) to turn the water on will actually be a case of  the SU doing it because we ALL know he gets up earlier than I do....hint.

I have to confess that I do plan on watching SOME of the Olympics.
I love to watch the gymnastics and a there is a brother and sister by the name of Lopez from Houston  who are competing on the Martial arts team. They have gotten a lot of very positive press and seem to really appreciate the opportunity that they have . I will also be dvr'g " The Nerdist " on BBCA so please, rest assured that your Aunty hasn't gone all mainstream and safe..m'kay ? And Netflix should pop in the mail tomorrow. I can just hear SU now :

" You never order anything I want to watch " .

" Honey...for the LAST know the pw to the account. IF you are SO lazy that you can't que something up that you want to see.....ZIP IT !

Mwahahaha..yes.the Puss and Boots Pixar movie is in the mix.

Yes, I am that mean.

Have a great weekend .

Aunty Pol

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