Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sniff ~ Goodbye Fargo, Jack, Henry, Jo, Zack, Allison, Grace, Andy , Zoe and All The Others That SyFy Let Slip Away ~ !

Once again, SyFy Channel has put their collective heads up their arses. "Eureka " is no more .

 Rather than keep " Eureka" , " Caprica" , " Sanctuary" and far to many others to name , the programing idiots and corporate asshats have again dumped shows that had depth and a loyal fan base in favor of wrestling , haunted highways and ectoplasm encounters.

I nursed some small hope when earlier this summer the channel finally admitted that there was a group of basically " B Movies" that they had created and planned to air this summer. That is fine, that is what summer is for, the silly " WTF , my brain is on vacation anyway " mode that I suspect more than one person my age viewed the three months out of school as.

I also can appreciate that above all else, this channel like all the others is a business, responsible for generating revenue for their shareholders and board members in a responsible fiduciary manner ..but that being said, you cannot only pander to the male 12 to 17 demographic that will watch wrestling on the channel..and I still don't get that fit....Science Fiction and Wrestling...really....in whose reality ?

Oh..yours, it seems .

I am the first person to openly admit a love for the more than occasional bad entertainment along with PBS, History and Discovery Channel . I watch BBCA. I also watch stuff that is so bad , it's hilarious . I strive to find the choice and option that fits my mood at the given moment.

It's variety..it's called a choice.

The SyFy channel used to be my first channel of choice at any given time..holidays, weekends, vacation days at home...FIRST CHOICE.

Other than a few ,  and I do mean few notable shows...." Warehouse 13 " , " Alphas" ,  Merlin  " Lost Girl " which I need to check out...there is nothing to invite me in as a viewer anymore and I find that rather than avidly waiting for the few shows anticipated return , I have to remind myself...actually remind myself that they are there at all on your channel.

I suspect that I am not the only one , and I wonder how that is working out for your revenue stream.

Badly, I can only hope.

An Eternally Disappointed Aunty Pol

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