Monday, July 09, 2012

Boy, Can I Relate !

This is an all to close approximation of Xena and her reaction to the eye drops. She now has figured out that if she hears the hallway/bathroom doors close that we are closing off her getaways and she needs to hide. It is getting easier as we ease into tag team mode and while she still hisses, it's more of the " Well expect me to say something , don't you ?"
It would be all to easy to wrassle her lil but when she is perched over her dinner bowl , but we don't want her to associate food and the medicine torture. She can and has gotten very odd at times about the whole " Don't want to eat , gonna urp it right back up " and during the IBS situation 2 years ago , it was all we could do to get her to eat and stabilize as it was it's gonna be a LONG process.
But it is getting better and we ( I ) am watching for any sneezes etc..yeah..

Oh and double click to biggify.

Aunty Pol

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