Friday, July 27, 2012

Calling Bullshit On Martha Stewart ~ Finally ! ~

I will get to Bruce , I post....pinky swear.

I spend way the hell too much time on Pinterest leately. It is fun, and my girlfriends and I have a ball doing it  and reposting each others pins....
Anyhoo...I have a well documented jones for Nutella.
And I found a recipe for Nutella French Toast.
Now, bear in mind that at this point , my brain had in fact imploded in a Nutella driven fit of lust for all things chocolaty and hazlenutty  .
So I putter about and look at some recipes and realized  that I already know how to do this.
It's a friggan Nutella sammich that has the egg batter poured over it and it's slapped in the ol skillet.

In the midst of zipping around the interwebs, I saw the above picture and thought.." Mmmmm...looks familiar..har har har."
Sure looks like that old recipe we used to make in know the one....the Seven Layer Stoner Delight Bar Thingy with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate and butterscotch bits, pecans or almonds ( what ever floats your boat) coconut and 1 entire can of sweetened condensed milk.
The one that was sweet enough to make your back teeth float that has been around for FORTY YEARS !

Yeah Martha, that one.

Dolly Madisons my ass !

Grrrr...that woman, I not get me started.

Aunty Pol

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