Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Well....Once Again , We Did It !

Since everyone has heard me blather on about the IBKC fundraiser , aka " Shameless Shakedown" , I thought I'd put up a couple of links because " we " did it.

A combined total of over $87 , 000.00 USD.

And I can say we because I contributed  .(   Hee hee ,  not telling how many  times , the spouse reads this after all.)



Yes, they are in the northwest and I am in Texas, but I also contribute down here and we both contribute to Banfield every payday when we go to Petsmart to stock the babies pantry.

It doesn't take a lot, every dollar helps...hell..pennies help.

Since I have posted about this for a few years, it finally occurred to me to post the links about the results.

There are days that nothing goes right and everything I touch goes pear shaped to say the least  , so when that happens, I come back here and find an old post like this to restore my sense of sanity and balance . It helps more often than not and for that I am grateful beyond words.

Aunty Pol

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